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What are faucets?


The term "faucets" comes from English and means something like "water tap" or "tap".

In the field of cryptocurrencies, faucets can be compared to small drops of water. Here, the smallest amounts of cryptos are given away for easy tasks.

To get free Bitcoins, Dogecoin or others, it is often enough to visit a page for a short time.

Frequently asked questions

wie nehme ich an airdrops teil?

Why is something given away at Faucets?

The idea behind it is to open up the market for new interested parties. If something is given away, people are more likely to take a look.

The site operators finance themselves through advertising banners. These bring in a decent income for the operators and they pass on a fraction of it to you through the regular claims of the Satoshis.

What do the faucets bring me?

For one thing, such "water drops" are great for learning how to deal with cryptocurrencies. This is a great thing, especially for beginners. You learn how to receive and send cryptocurrency. And you can earn a little extra on the side. The important thing with these sites is regularity. 

Is there a catch with the Faucets?

There is no catch. The principle of such "water drops" is quite simple. Attract users to the site and earn money with advertising revenue. You, in turn, are rewarded with these advertising revenues via the claims. 

How many faucets should I use?

The more providers you go through, the higher your earnings will be, of course. Regular visits in particular are usually rewarded with very good bonuses. 

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
DFcBDh2EQZyuhpzR1ur1ZdZzmRiMPBtSwg100000 satoshi2021-04-11 13:12:12
DGUGkRy6V6RN7UdRrjD1BuA4duhhWArU7d100000 satoshi2021-04-11 12:55:42
DPcu4iMLYF9HYcuZ5jYa1oUPL1LmpnaRUm100000 satoshi2021-04-11 12:40:39
DFkoJfEeDzANYZJsCYbEC6Re87o8uVUrzF100000 satoshi2021-04-11 12:16:26
DLvrzKP4ekcTPRRykjz4DAPB3v21K4d6J9100000 satoshi2021-04-11 12:09:07
DPcu4iMLYF9HYcuZ5jYa1oUPL1LmpnaRUm100000 satoshi2021-04-11 11:51:13
DPcu4iMLYF9HYcuZ5jYa1oUPL1LmpnaRUm100000 satoshi2021-04-11 11:11:01
DHeN9GZmFu7RXQJoahHZbXhcT1DxyziWmB100000 satoshi2021-04-11 04:43:41
D7pVpg3gFtcpiVF5QxiSqHYj2GxxmATkKw100000 satoshi2021-04-11 04:02:51
XpUsKqi37nHtEqRW5wL9NUC4ssT3iZCfmk150000 satoshi2021-04-10 18:37:42